As we welcome 2020, the number one question for minority small business owners need to be asking themselves is “how do we increase revenue and reduce cost? 

In today’s market, it is crucial to take advantage of services that help companies reduce the cost of daily operations. Staying ahead of competitors can be difficult when spending a large part of the annual budget for costly supplies and services.  With GLOBALMPG Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) you can receive discount pricing for supplies, equipment, and services equal to large corporations.

By leveraging millions of dollars in purchasing volume through our relationship with Global Suppliers our knowledgeable, experienced contracting teams have established one of the most comprehensive purchasing portfolios in the industry.

Our goal is to help you save money on your entire business, whether it’s replenishing stock or services. Whatever your needs are, GLOBALMPG has you covered.

Our Methodology 

GlobalMpg was founded on one core principle: to meet the ever-evolving needs of our members. To keep pace with our members and their markets, Global-Mpg provide access to  more than 2,000 contracts from over 900 industry-leading suppliers. As a Company, we ensure that our members have the right products and services―at the right price.

We have proven aggregating the purchasing power of individual small businesses to a network of suppliers will deliver greater cost savings, stronger business relationships, and foster an environment where Member and Supplier can create a “cost savings results together. We can save you time and money throughout your operations.